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Room Environment Monitoring

IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring Made Easy

RoomAlert is AVTECH’s online service, designed to make it easy to monitor temperature and environmental conditions from anywhere, at any time, via the internet. Enjoy the same alert interface from any device.

RoomAlert is designed specifically to assist with monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions without the worries of installing software, configuring an email server, configuring network settings, allocating disk storage, or running regular data backups. RoomAlert handles all of this automatically in the cloud, with a user experience that is always consistent whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

RoomAlert logs all sensor data for historical review, analysis and verification. This eliminates the need for users to manage data for long term access and backup. Easy CSV export allows in-house data collection and local manipulation to meet regulatory reporting requirements or management objectives. Users can easily display values over time on a graph for any of their connected devices. Time and date ranges are adjustable and interactive with zoom features to explore data at detailed levels. An export to PDF option allows snapshot views to be created and saved on the fly.

Reports can be easily created for different device types, groups of devices, teams, locations and other criteria. Reports can pull data from any sensor or Room Alert device network-wide, allowing side-by-side comparisons within a graph, and providing complete flexibility as to what can be included within a report. Using reports enables managers to get the view and insight they need and want on a regular basis for better decision making, faster response, and planning. This leads to greater uptime for organizations, lower meantime between hardware failures, and smarter energy consumption.

Alerts are easy to configure and do not require access to an email server or other external service. Simply enter the desired email or SMS address to notify and the conditions that should trigger an alert and your Account will do the rest. allows users to get notified and respond appropriately before alert conditions impact their operations or facilities. This provides peace-of-mind for users who can be assured that all is well when they are away.