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PowerClever - The smart choice for dependable 10kVA - 120kVA UPS solutions

Equipped with an IGBT rectifier and sizes ranging from 10 – 120kVA, the PowerClever series of UPS offers reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

The PowerClever UPS has a high input power factor of >0.99, which leads to reduced electricity pay-out, minimizes cable, switchboard, fuse and generator requirements, delivering a reduction in investment cost.

Ideal for a range of critical power applications and industries including data centers, transportation, IT, telecoms and more. PowerClever saves valuable floor space and significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

  • High performance & low total cost of ownership
  • IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology
  • Low Input Current THD (<3%)
  • High Input Power Factor (>0.99)
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Manufactured in Europe with high quality components