Fire Alarms Saudi Arabia

Flare monitoring

The risk factor associated with the MOG industry emphasizes the need for a reliable surveillance system, especially in facilities that are involved with flammable gases and power plants.

The seamless functioning of the flare stack is an integral part of the day to day running of your plant operation. With flare monitoring, the ability to correctly determine the levels of thermal radiation being emitted and in turn, the size of flares is guaranteed.

Flares are bound to occur occasionally, and every top business is expected to cater for such incidents with a security solution that guarantees automatic event signaling regardless of the intensity of the flares or the flare size.

Siqura can boldly claim that we are the first and only company to successfully create first automatic flare stack monitoring system with flare size tracking and automatic event signaling. Our system is computer vision-based and designed to be a built-in part of any camera installations.