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EMX-30 Dual Iris Imager for Desktop, Countertop and KIOSKS

The EMX-30 is a fully hands-free, dual iris imager intended for desktop, countertop and kiosk enrollment and authentication applications. This lightweight and compact system operates at a stand-off distance range of 32 to 35 cm. The EMX-30 features a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use and integrate, even for subjects with minimal acclimation.

The EMX-30 provides exclusive subject positioning distance indicators, so that the subject can quickly and reliably place his or her eyes within the capture zone. Thanks to its unique distance calculation capability, subjects no longer need to guess at or hunt for correct eye placement. LED’s located within the mirror’s display easily guide the subjects into the correct position: a blue light indicates too far away, red too close, and green indicates the correct distance.

  • Fully hands-free operation with motorized auto-tilt
  • USB tethered for cost effectiveness
  • Superior image quality for matching accuracy
  • Intuitive subject positioning guides
  • Easily integrated

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