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Services » Power
» PC & Workstation UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems)
Of all the available technologies for Power Protection only the Uninterruptible Power System can eliminate all power related disturbances. It is most complete, cost effective approach, capable of saving tens of thousands of dollars per year in down time related costs.

As representatives of reputed Computer Power manufacturers we have an installed base of some 14,000 systems in the Kingdom supported and maintained by our resident team of technicians and engineers.

The above is true for all aspects of AC Standby power, but in addition we have a full and comprehensive range of DC secure power schemes providing the highest possible degree of security and ensuring continuity of supplies when all others fail.

To enable today's sophisticated electronic systems to operate, AlKurdi Trading & Contracting Est.'s Power Engineering group provide the essential clean power, which is totally secure, even under mains fail conditions.
» Computer Grade Power
The ever-increasing importance of computers in industry and commerce has increased the need for quality, high stability, and interruption free power. Many critical load users employ consulting engineers to plan for the purchase and installation of their computer grade power systems, AlKurdi Trading & Contracting Co. will provide this service to investigate your particular application and report with feasible and acceptable solutions dependant upon your own equipment specifications and computer equipment manufacturers recommendations, for pre-installation.
» Power Solutions
ATC provides it's customers with complete power solutions, its principal products range includes:

» Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
» Static UPS from 250 VA to 800 KVA
» Dynamic UPS from 15 KVA to 1679 KVA
» AC/ DC Distribution Systems
» Rectifiers and Chargers
» Inverters and Power Supplies
» Voltage Regulators, Static & Servo Controlled types Transformers
» Up to 2 MVA Generators