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BioStar 2

BioStar 2 sets the new standard in security. The powerful biometric access control framework provides system integrators the ability to easily integrate with 3rd party systems and allows software developers to build new applications and functions into BioStar 2. Accessibility to BioStar 2 and its APIs is further extended through cloud services.


What's New in BioStar 2
The latest BioStar 2 features enhanced usability and convenience. For increased convenience, BioStar 2 features enhanced smart card function, automatic database backup, improved search and export functionalities. Additionally, ability to add custom field to user data extends usability of BioStar 2 for various applications.

Versatile Smart Card Features
BioStar 2 now allows management of card credential of users for versatile applications. Access on card or secure credential card mode is used to store selective information such as user information, fingerprint template, PIN, and access rules. BioStar 2 also provides alarm and report on smart cards that aren’t used for long time and offers simple deactivation methods for expired users.

Improved Usability
Custom Field Functionality:-Custom fields can be added as required to manage user information for enhanced usability.
Access Setting Reports:-Access rule can be reported in printable format by users and doors based on current access level information.

Biometric Security Platform with Development Flexibility
BioStar 2 is released with biggest support for developers and integrators with development flexibility for its biometric security platform. BioStar 2 release includes BioStar 2 API, a set of REST APIs, which uses JSON formatted data for requests and responses for easier understanding. Developers can now focus on developing their own solutions or applications without worrying about taking care of little things.

Enhanced Access Control Module
Enhanced access control module of BioStar 2 includes number of key updates. It now supports advanced access control features that allows designing of more complex solutions. Improved usability allows simpler allocation of users into access groups and configuration of access level for quick deployment. The module also provides import/export of user group and card IDs for extended user convenience.

Mobile Ready
BioStar 2 Mobile App makes use of BioStar 2 Cloud through API. It is designed to interact with local BioStar 2 server through BioStar 2 API and allows users to remotely access the server and conduct system/user operations and system monitoring anytime and anyplace. The use of BioStar 2 API maintains security integrity of the server during remote access.

BioStar 2 Cloud Support
BioStar 2 Cloud support is built into BioStar 2. It is designed to interact with BioStar 2 server to maintain security integrity during remote access to the server. The cloud support allows remote access to BioStar 2 server using any application utilizing BioStar 2 API or Suprema BioStar 2 Mobile app.

Easy to Use
Automatic User Synchronization:- New Additions, deletions, and modifications of user data on the server wil be automatically synchronized on the devices configured in the system.
Automatic Device Discovery:- The feature allows the platform to detect all devices connected within the IP network for configuration and installation.

Simple Biometrics
Simple Deployment of Sites:- The Web-server architecture significantly reduces deployment time by removing the need for software installations in client workstations.
Biometrics Ready:- BioStar 2 seamlessly integrates benefits and convenience of biometrics into the platform for use with access control.

Enhanced Security
Encrypted Communication:- Communications between the server to the client is protected by HTTPS encryption, and communication between server to device is protected by 256bit AES encryption
Encrypted Information:- BioStar 2 also protects user data such as fingerprint, PIN, and password using 256bit encryption standards.

Compatible Devices

FaceStation 2 BioStation A2 BioStation 2 BioStation L2 BioEntry W2
BioLite Net BioEntry W BioEntry Plus Xpass S2 Xpass
Secure I/O 2  DM-20 OM-120 CoreStation BioEntry P2