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Products » Batteries
There is far more to selecting a battery than appears at first sight. Our engineers are always available to help identify needs, confirm the choice of battery and ensure that you benefit to the full from our impressive experience. To support you our Engineers draw on ore than 15 years of continuous, first hand experience in DC Systems application. Installation and maintenance being an integral part of our support services.

Battery ranges are from the level of one ampere hour up to thousands of ampere hour, from the small rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid to the large Stationary Flat Plate or plante type cells. Complete range of Nickel Cadmium batteries is also provided. Installations are carried out for large system on telephone and mobile phone exchanges, down to the smallest size for back-up power supplies for mini and micro – computers.

Delivering Quality

Power batteries are manufactured in a strict ISO 9001 regime. Nickel-cadmium batteries are 99.9% recyclable and 100% committed to the protection of the environment through its closed – cycle policy. This is achieved by recovering batteries after their long service life and reusing them in the manufacturer of new batteries.