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MZX Addressable Fire Alarm System

Tyco MZX detection panels use all the features of Tyco MX Technology to provide the latest fire detection technology meeting the latest worldwide standards in cost-effective, expandable packages.
MZX125 Digital Addressable Fire Detection System
The MZX125 is a highly featured digital addressable panel with a comprehensive but easy to operate user interface. The system provides a single loop of 125 addresses making it suitable for small to medium size premises.
MZX250 Digital Addressable Fire Detection System
The Zettler MZX250 range includes highly featured digital addressable panels with a comprehensive but easy to operate user interfaces. The systems provide a single loop of 250 addresses making it suitable for small to medium size premises.
830/850 Series Generation 6 Detectors & Accessories
The all new 850 series and 830 series of detectors and detector accessories offer superior levels of performance and many features designed to cut the cost of installation and service.

» Improved Detection Performance
» Greater Fault Tolerance
» Better Environmental Protection
» Easier and Quicker to Install
» Lower Lifetime Cost
850PH and 830PH Photo Heat Detector
With the ability to detect a wide range of fires from flaming to smoldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments. It operates in a number of approved modes and sensitivities that can be dynamically selected to suit different environmental conditions.
850PC and 830PC 3oTec Triple Sensor Detector
For life protection and when the environmental conditions are challenging, the 3oTec detector provides the ultimate in detector performance and false alarm rejection. It is a multi sensor that monitors smoke, heat and CO levels in concert to accurately determine the presence of fire. Applications include industrial, retail, transport hubs, and healthcare. Its false alarm rejection properties make it the ideal choice for hotel bedrooms where steam from bathrooms is a common source of false alarms.
850 and 830 Series Colored Detector Covers & Bases
Detectors are supplied white as standard. A range of colors are available, these are supplied as packs of ten detector covers and continuity bases. A sample pack is also available that contains one cover and one base in each of the standard 10 colors. In addition to the 10 stocked shades, any Pantone color can be supplied as a special order for quantities of 100 or over.
850 EMT Engineering Management Tool
The 850EMT is a commissioning tool that communicates with 850 and 830 series fire devices via a two way infrared link. It is designed to speed up and simplify installation and commissioning, reduce the possibility of engineering error and improve health and safety by removing the need for working at height.
MZX Indoor Call point
The CP820 is an indoor MZX addressable manual call point with programmable status LED. The CP820 is designed for LPCB approvals. The CP820 provides high speed communication to the MZX panel of a manual fire alarm.
MZX Outdoor Call points
The CP830 Weatherproof Break Glass Call point is designed to monitor and signal the condition of the switch contact associated with the break glass. The CP830Exn weatherproof addressable call point is designed to comply with EN 60079-15 : 2003 for Type of Protection ‘n’ apparatus.
Sounders & Beacons
A range of sounders to meet a wide variety of alarm applications where loud, penetrating and distinctive warnings must be given to alert people of fire situations.

» Wide range of both bells and electronic sounders
» High sound output characteristics
» Low current consumption
» Clean lines, modern styling
» Easy to install, low installation costs
» Weatherproof units for outdoor use
» Distinct sounds are available
» Motorized and Solenoid bells available
» Wide range of voltages available
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