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المنتجات » نظام مراقبة اجواء الغرفة
نظام مراقبة اجواء الغرفة
Room Alert is a line of AVTECH Software hardware solutions for "Computer Room Environment Monitoring, Alerting & Automatic Corrective Action". Room Alert models provide an easy, economical & highly reliable way to monitor computer room environment conditions like Temperature, Humidity, Power, Flooding (water), Smoke (fire), Entry (room, window or cabinet), Panic Buttons and more.

Environment Monitors -Room Alert 32W Environment Monitors -Room Alert 32E Environment Monitors -Room Alert 24E
Environment Monitors - Room Alert 4ER Environment Monitors -Room Alert 4E Environment Monitors - Room Alert 3E
Temperature Monitors -TemPageR 3ER Temperature Monitors -TemPageR 3E